Local Move Rates

Moves requiring a crew and a truck within a 50 mile radius are based on an hourly rate. The hourly rate is based on the number of movers and trucks required. Time starts when the movers arrive at the load-up point and stops after they get the last pieces of furniture off the truck and located into in the house/domicile/storage. There is a 2 hour minimum requirement Monday-Friday, and a 3 hour minimum on Saturday - Sunday. After the minimum number of hours has been reached billing is charged every 15 minutes, not a complete hour. NO DEPOSITS are required upfront before your local move.


Long-distance Rates

If you are moving more than 50 miles from your point of origin, rates are based on the weight/volume/distance of the shipment and our estimates are binding unless the terms of move are changed by you. We dedicate the truck to you and you only. We do not mix and match loads of other customers. We can generally load-up and unload on the days and times you designate. 

With a written binding estimate (for long-distance moves over 50 miles), the price we quote is the price you pay! A written binding estimate is the correct legal term for "flat" or "guaranteed" price, as opposed to an hourly estimate. A binding estimate requires an at-home/office consultation so that we may have an opportunity to physically evaluate and inspect the goods/items. (It is considered illegal to give binding estimates out over the phone). A deposit may be required for long-distance moves. 

Accepted Forms of Payment

We accept cash, money orders, cashier's checks, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. The card holder must be present and sign the documentation if paying for the move. Personal checks are accepted on local moves only with valid in-state identification and address printed on the check. We DO NOT accept starter, out-of-state, or third party checks.